We Value: 

     1.  Building products and people for the future by leaving something behind we can be proud of. 
     2.  Explaining why we do what we do - and we guarantee our systems/installations to perform as promised.
     3.  The pursuit of perfectionism, superior workmanship and a realistic attitude.
     4.  Possibility thinking, i.e., hopeful, optimistic, resourceful, innovative and forward thinking.
     5.  Team players who are dedicated, focused, and respectful.
     6.  Honest relationships with customers, suppliers and each other.
     7.  Living a balanced life.

Our Vision:

Air Craftsmen, Inc. will become the region’s most systemized and efficient manufacturer/supplier of innovative dust collection systems. Our people will be qualified and our processes will be repeatable. We’re proud of our company.

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Air Craftsmen, Inc

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